CZARFACE – Czar Noir [RSD Exclusive w/ Comic Book]

CZARFACE – Czar Noir [RSD Exclusive w/ Comic Book]

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LP – Limited Edition Black Vinyl
*Only 500 copies this side of the water (5,000 worlwide)


Never Before Issued. 5000 pressed, 500 for the UK. Czarface delivers a fresh action adventure in the form of an all new Czarface comic, “Czar Noir”, packaged with an exclusive vinyl soundtrack. In the spirit of the highly sought after Power Records series from the 70’s, you can read along with the comic and hear the story come to life on vinyl. This all new action packed full color Czarface escapade comes with musical accompaniment by DJ 7L and the Czar-Keys. There’s death, destruction, mayhem and high drama – “Czar Noir.” The set will be available exclusively for RSD 2021.


Dark Side: 
1. Czarface Theme 3099
2. Winged Fingers
3. Voyage Dans Le Temps
4. Rise Of Czar Noir.

Light Side:
1. Avant-Czar
2. Czarbot 1 Theme
3. Gas Trick
4. Pedestrians Run
5. Fights Are Like That