JAMES HORNER – ALIENS (OST) [35th Anniversary Edition]

JAMES HORNER – ALIENS (OST) [35th Anniversary Edition]

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LP – Limited Edition Yellow / Green ‘Acid Blood’ Vinyl
(Only 1,000 copies pressed.)


One of the great science fiction franchises of all-time. The long out of print original soundtrack gets a fresh reboot on “Acid-Blood” Yellow-Green vinyl for it’s 35th anniversary. Soundtrack composed by the great James Horner, (Titantic, Avatar, Beautiful Mind), and features the original Sigourney Weaver key art and original film stills.


Side A
Main Title 5:10
Going After Newt 3:08
Sub-Level 3 6:11
Ripley’s Rescue 3:13
Atmosphere Station 3:05

Side B
Futile Escape 8:13
Dark Discovery 2:00
Bishop’s Countdown 2:47
Resolution And Hyperspace 6:10