XAVIER RUDD - Jan Juc Moon - 2LP - White Vinyl

XAVIER RUDD - Jan Juc Moon - 2LP - White Vinyl

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Countless acts have come and gone like fireworks as Xavier Rudd’s campfire steadily grows: a beacon to the kind of music fan that seeks sustenance in a fast-food world. 2022 promises to be a big year with the release of Xavier’s 10th studio album Jan Juc Moon, and a worldwide tour where he longs to reconnect with his fans again. "I value the simple things in life," he shrugs. "I value community, culture, our connection to
the earth as human beings. I don't care too much for the other stuff.


Side A:

1. I Am Eagle
2. Jan Juc Moon
3. Stoney Creek
4. Great Divine

Side B:

1. Ball And Chain
2. We Deserve To Dream
3. The Window

Side C:

1. Slidin Down A Rainbow
2. Dawn To Dusk
3. Magic

Side D:

1. Angel At War
2. The Calling
3. Joanna